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FEVER does not cause brain damage, even at 106oF.

FEVER is a natural anti-viral phenomenon to protect the body.

THERE IS NO URGENCY TO GETTING A TEMPERATURE DOWN, other than making the child more comfortable. A study was performed in two groups of children with fever. One group received acetaminophen. The other group received no medicine. The untreated group got better quicker. The treated group, however felt better.

FEVER by itself is only a sign that your child is fighting an illness. Children with fever can be resting, have a poor appetite, and, in general, feel miserable and look dreary (remember they are sick), but as long as they have good eye contact with you, can move about, and drink fluids, then they probably have a viral illness that they will fight off.

ANTIBIOTICS DO NOT GET RID OF FEVER unless it is a bacterial illness such as strep throat, ear infections, pneumonia, etc.

if your child is in pain from a secondary infection;
if your child is not able to be active and not able to drink or is not responsive to you (if you get a fever down a degree or two, your child will usually perk up);
if your child is in respiratory distress;
if the fever is persistently high for 4 or more days (unless your child is active and drinking well); or

if your infant less than 2 months old has a fever (above 101o rectally).
if your child is under 6 months of age and has a fever greater than 103o rectally;

MAY NEED AN APPOINTMENT (depending on the activity)...
if a cough or thick nasal discharge is present for more than 2 weeks continuously;
if your child has a runny nose with a fever for more than 3-4 days;